Custom Week 2011

Today marks the christening of the first annual CustomWeek, featuring over 40 participating customization companies.   Custom Week is a week-long promotion of the online product customization market.  Visitors to the CustomWeek site can enter the sweepstakes for a grand prize worth $2,500, as well as take advantage of exclusive promotions from participating vendors.

Why Custom Week?

Custom Week celebrates a renaissance in craftsmanship, bespoke businesses, and made-to-order business models.   But, build-to-order businesses have always existed.  What’s new and exciting is the ability for these businesses to allow their customers to visually interact with their product via the Internet.  A new generation of customization companies are launching online shops with visually rich product configurators that allow customers to design, build, and share their own personal masterpieces.

Customer demand for custom and personalized products has surged, and the cost of technologies that enable visual product configuration has rapidly declined.   In economic terms, demand is increasing as price decreases, opening up a much broader audience of customers who can enjoy the benefits of custom products.

Why custom?

Custom has historically meant special, difficult to manufacture, and premium.  No longer.  Shoppers expect to visit online shops that includes tools that allow them to choose any size, fit, and color combination.  By building each order on-demand, customization is, effect, the future of both manufacturing and online shopping.  Shopping custom, essentially, is the process of selecting, designing, and personalizing products so that they match the specific demands of each customer.

A myriad of product categories

Here is a list of participating vendors.  It’s amazing how diverse product customization has become.

  • Zyrra – Women’s bras
  • Zazzle – Personalization marketplace
  • YouBar – Nutrition Bars
  • Vastrm – Polo shirts
  • Thread Tradition – Dress Shirts
  • Snaptotes – Photo Bags
  • Slantshack Jerky – Beef Jerky
  • Shoes of Prey – Shoes
  • ShelfWire – Shelving
  • Riveli bookshelves – Bookshelves
  • Origaudio – Personalized speakers
  • MyMixedNuts         – Trailmixes
  • Munich My Way – Shoes
  • Modify Watches – watches
  • Mel Boteri – handbags
  • Made Tailor Custom – Men’s Dress Shirts
  • Logosportswear – Logo shirts
  • LaudiVidni – Handbags
  • indiDenim – Jeans
  • GhostNest – Personalized cabinet knobs
  • Gemvara – Jewelry
  • Gemkitty – Jewelry
  • Frecklebox – Kid’s toys and books
  • Fashion Playtes – Teen Fashion
  • Evlove – Lingerie
  • Elemental Threads – Handbags
  • Element Bars – Nutrition bars
  • ECreamery- Ice cream
  • Design A Tea – Tea
  • Delusha – Fashion accessories
  • – Custom products portal
  • Create-A-Mattress – Mattresses
  • Coco Myles – Dresses
  • Chocri         – Chocolate
  • Charmed by Ingrid Anne – Charm necklaces
  • Caseable – Laptop Cases
  • Canvas Lifestyle – Print canvas images
  • Bluewardrobe – Men’s Dress Shirts
  • Blank Label – Men’s Dress Shirts
  • 121 time – Watches
  • [Me] & Goji – Cereal