Customization video round up

Here are a few videos from various corners of the customization and fashion technology markets.

3D customization in Spain

This fashion design tool requires a “unity web player plug-in.”   Huh?  Otherwise, a great demonstration of life-like online shopping (ie augmented reality) via a ‘virtual try it on’ approach.

Mass customization of housing

Really slick video graphics to demonstrate modeling user-specific products based on defined parameters (ie a product configurator).  Very space age and academic.

Upcload takes on “the fit problem.”

Here’s a pretty slick demo on how shoppers can easily match their body dimensions to garment sizes online.  The goal is to achieve the Holy Grail of online apparel retailing; ensuring the perfect fit over the Internet.  Of course it will only solve the problem if the platform is widely adopted by brands.  In the context of mass customization, you can imagine how a shopper would design-their-own product by specify functions, styles and colors, then submit their body dimensions with a quick “Upload ID” submission.

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