Magento product configurator interest on the rise

Last week, eBay hosted the X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2001.   “Powered by trusted, global leaders in the commerce space—eBay, PayPal, Magento, GSI Commerce, and other best-of-breed partners—X.commerce delivers tools developers need to build new and better end-to-end commerce solutions in a single, flexible, open environment.”

Since then, Treehouse Logic has seen a surge in interest in Magento-integrated product configurators.   Specifically, we’re seeing a lot of traffic originating from the Magento forums discussion on product configurator integration.  Certainly, Magento, along with new parent companies Ebay and PayPal, is making an aggressive move into mainstream ecommerce development.

One hot topic at the developer conference was a new partnership between Facebook and eBay. Facebook is taking on an increasingly important role in ecommerce as brands focus on creating inherently “shareable content.”

VP and General Manager of X.commerce Matthew Mengerink said  “What we’re encouraging developers to think about is to try out the more ‘pre-shopping’ social experience”, he said. Meaning that the process of joining friends at an online store, browsing, sharing, and chattering via enhanced social features is a way to encourage brand recognition, organic word-of-mouth familiarity with products — and is integral to making the online shopping experience more resemblant of offline shopping. And to grow online sales.”

Indeed, a product configurator (or product customizer) is becoming the backbone of many social commerce campaigns.  Shoppers can build their own product as part of the “pre-shopping” experience.  This notion of pre-shopping is super important.  It essentially introduces shoppers to your brand, allows them to gain confidence with your brand, and let’s your brand stand out in the crowd.

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