Review: Build-your-own Product Solutions for Merchants

Thanks to Website Magazine for this review of the Treehouse Logic product configurator platform.

A favorite web-surfing habit of mine has always been visiting sites that allow me to create my own product, such as a dream-carpersonalized jewelry or one-of-a-kind shoes

These types of sites that provide the “product configurator” feature give consumers the feeling of empowerment — like a child that has just gone to the local Build-A-Bear Workshop and made their very own, personalized and unique stuffed creation.

So why don’t more retailers offer this customizable feature? And more importantly, how can e-tailers provide this feature to their customers? Aside from getting this feature built custom, there are some options for integrating this feature into a site…

Treehouse Logic

This solution provides shoppers with the ability to customize and personalize products at fast speeds, without having to refresh the browser. This solution is easy to maintain and integrates with most of the popular e-commerce platforms.  Notable features include hover previews, recommendation and sharing options — through email, Facebook and Twitter. Check out this custom bag and custom children furniture site for examples of what Treehouse logic can do.

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