Magento product configurator demo

Here’s a great example of how conventional enterprise product configurators look. You’ll notice the following

  • Slow – browser refreshes each time you make a selection
  • Non-visual – lots of drop down windows with technical product attributes, no previews.
  • Not guided – no progress bar. Solutions are not curated based on previous selections. Lots of errors
  • Poorly integrated with Magento – doesn’t pass a custom image to cart, doesn’t show a list of attributes selected.
  • Awkward user experience – lots of vertical scrolling, no hover previews, no stages.
  • Long, unique part number – creates a unique, static product number which means millions of part numbers need to be managed by the SKU management.

The product configurator landscape has changed significantly in the past few years.  Users demand a much faster, more intuitive, visual, guided experience.  See the Treehouse Logic demos for an example of the new era of product configuration.  Contact us directly at info (at) Treehouselogic (dot) com to see our more complex, technical configurator demos for enterprise products.

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