Customization parties

Another facet of the mass customization market is the in-house “Tupperware party.”  Some brands leverage a network of “hostess” sales partners who invite friends into their homes for a design party.   This design party is partially a social event, and partially a local brand experience.

Here are some examples:

Tupperware – This is the original template for the in-home shopping experience.  House parties were the Tupperware brand’s main sales channel before they expanded to retail channels in the 1950’s. The “tupperware party” sales model has been perfected and replicated by many other product categories.

Zyrra bra fitting

Zyrra Bra Party– These parties play a huge role in generating notoriety for this up and coming mass customization company.   The hostess is essentially a volunteer that is eligible to receive free merchandise and benefits that increase with the size of the party e.g. business provided. The fitting specialist that comes to the home requires 10 minutes per person, leaving a reasonable amount of time for socializing between friends.

Zyrra has set out to solve a long existing problem of fit and comfort in the women’s undergarment space.  And they have added a level of in-home socialization to attract local customers.

Stella and Dot Trunk Show-  Setup similar to the Zyrra bra party.  A hostess receives rewards for having the party and on average is rewarded with about $250 of free jewelry and 4 half off items. The jewelry stylist brings a trunk of her favorite jewelry.  Customers love this model because they can also bring their favorite outfits in anticipation for the trunk show and get expert feedback on which jewelry goes best with it. This generates interest for the Stella and Dot website because trunk show customers have only seen a sample size of the vast selection of jewelry that is showcased on the website.

Stella and Dot party

The Stella and Dot website also suggests themes for the event to make the experience more enjoyable for the customers. They can setup a ‘Style Makes Me Happy’ Hour for after work, an ‘Office Style Break’ or just any old Sunday afternoon party among others. These parties come at no cost to the host and interest spreads through word of mouth marketing.  These trunk shows really play up the idea of fun and making women look and feel more beautiful which is a market with limitless potential.

Bath and Body products specializes in hosting parties for customizing your own bath and body products.   Customers would be able to choose and mix any aromas as they please.

Lindt Chocolates. “Now you have the opportunity to discover the finest premium chocolate in a new and exciting way. Let a Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Consultant introduce you to the exceptional quality of our superior products and experience the exquisite taste of premium Lindt chocolate with your family and friends. ”

The key here is that in-person, offline, tangible shopping experiences are still paramount.  As we develop online shopping experiences, we must consider the roots of shopping and emulate the brick-and-mortar environment as much as possible.  The Tupperware party is another great example that retailers often need to incorporate many sales channels into the mix in order to reach customers wherever they are most comfortable.

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