Marissa Mayer: Creativity loves constraint

Here’s a great talk by Marissa Mayer of Google on the importance of guidance in the creative process.

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“Creativity loves constraint. And this sounds really counterintuitive, because when you think about creativity you think about, you know, oh, having a lot of freedom to do whatever you want. And I think that, you know, from my perspective what I see is that a lot of times when you constrain your thoughts, that’s when you ultimately see a lot of innovation happen. I have a good friend who’s a clockmaker in London. He did the millennium clock among other things.  And when I asked him, “Why are you a clockmaker? Why not just be a sculptor and you can sculpt whatever you want?” His answer was that when he was in art class, as a student, he preferred to start on paper that had a mark on it already.

He just liked that constraint, because he said, “You know, I feel like if there’s a mark on a piece of paper, I can take that mark and in my imagination I can figure out what to turn it into, but a blank piece of paper is almost just too intimidating.”

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  1. I fully agree completely

  2. […] Marissa Mayer: Creativity loves constraint […]

  3. […] Marissa Mayer: Creativity loves constraint […]

  4. […] Marissa Mayer: Creativity loves constraint […]

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