Whitepaper: What do consumers want from a product customizer?

A new generation of shopping tools are driving innovation on the web.  Shopping online is becoming increasingly more interactive, social, and fun.  Treehouse Logic launched a research study to learn more about consumers’ evolving tastes and preferences in the context of shopping for soft goods, specifically in the context of the design-your-own, customization experience.


10 Responses

  1. Nice study with interesting results.

    I’ve long suspected that users are no longer willing to pay a premium for custom goods. To me customization options provide similar value to a well known brand name, so unknown brands should charge the same for a custom product as a well-known brand charges for stock goods.

    Glad these results also highlighted the need for customizing existing products as opposed to total DIY.

  2. […] and services.  Expectations of the customized buying experience vary among consumers; as a recent study by Treehouse Logic notes, some people want endless customization options, while others are content […]

  3. […] Whitepaper: What do consumers want from a product customizer? […]

  4. […] Whitepaper: What do consumers want from a product customizer? […]

  5. […] they make shopping on the web a fast, fun, convenient experience.  From our whitepaper on “what consumers want from a product customizer,” 76% of respondents said that performance was very important.  And from GetElastic’s study on […]

  6. […] referring to alternate images like back view, side view, etc, per her reference to Zappo’s. Users do want accurate visualization, but alternate image and solution zooms can often provide plenty of visual […]

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  8. […] to start the design process with a blank canvas.  Along with performance and rich visualization, consumers demand creative guidance from the community while they are designing consumer […]

  9. […] study is a follow-up of the same study that was published in 2010.  This year’s report will highlight some major changes in consumers’ responses from last […]

  10. […] we’ve launched on the topic of consumer preferences in the context of product customization.  See last year’s study.   This presentation was presented at the Mass Customization and Personalization, and co-creation […]

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